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Burgenland Extreme Tour!




The whole round, which is also the 24-Hour Extreme Tour’s legendary original route. Crossing borders for border crossers, its 120 wintry kilometers make this trail a borderline experience and a pure adventure. From Oggau to Oggau – all the way to pleasant exhaustion.


Distance: 120 KM WALKING / RUNNING

Start location: OGGAU

Start time: Friday January 26, 4:30 a.m.

Finish location: OGGAU



In 2018, it is also possible to start in Apetlon or continue last year’s trail from here. From Apetlon to Oggau – 60 nice final kilometers in the heart of the world heritage area.



Start location:  APETLON

Start time: Friday January 26, 9:30 a.m.

Finish location: OGGAU


224 MEILEN LAKEMANIA-TRAIL - Start: January 25, 2018

224-Mile Lakemania. 224 miles, 360 kilometers – or simply three times around Lake Neusiedl. All we are saying is:  Lake – Like – Bike. For everyone who wants to make their spokes glow in the winter too!


Distance: 360 KM (224 miles)  CYCLING

Start location: OGGAU

Start time: Thursday 25, 12:00 a.m.

Finish location: OGGAU



"Movement instead of “frenetic standstill*“

* Paul Virilio


Walking, running or cycling around Lake Neusiedl in the winter is a long, far and real adventure journey that requires genuine courage and genuine strength. The route through the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site Fertö-Lake Neusiedl consists of authentic pictures with an endless number of tactile and acoustic impressions. The grounds are hard and sometimes soft and mushy; at night, you can hear things you would rather hear than see; when it is cold, you are really freezing, and it can really snow as well, or hail. And rain. Sometimes – like during the 2015 Tour – all of this happens at the same time.  The Tour is no video game with ten lives. There’s no intervention by superheroes who will lift you to the next level. The last Tour saw 3500 people hit the trail. Not all of them made it to the finishing line – but all of them reached their goal and talked about magical moments.


The 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour can be a way for you to take the first step – towards a more active life of movement. Starting to move again is a far greater challenge than the Tour itself. It is up to you to dare a new beginning. And if you go all this distance to be close to yourself again, then please only do this for yourself. Make the trail your own path! Remember your strengths and believe in your abilities. All the while, take good care of yourself and everyone else who shares the trail with you.


We are extremely looking forward to the adventure ahead with you, you, and especially with you.




Michael, Tobias and Josef

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