In order to spare you any unnecessary hassle when you are looking for accommodation, we prepared a SEARCH & BOOK link for you together with Neusiedler See Tourismus. This is where you can find suitable accommodation – depending on your start location and budget. Please book your room in time. In our experience, the beds close to the start locations are fully booked very quickly. Take a look at the map of the Lake Neusiedl region to find a neighboring town with available accommodation.

We are happy to help with the room search...


Tourismusinfo OGGAU   Tel +43 2685 77 44


Tourismusinfo APETLON   Tel +43 2175 240 43


Tourismusinfo RUST   Tel +43 2685 502


Tourismusinfo MÖRBISCH   Tel +43 2685 84 30


Tourismusinfo ILLMITZ   Tel +43 2175 23 83


Tourismusinfo NEUSIEDL AM SEE   Tel +43 2167 2229


Tourismusinfo PODERSDORF AM SEE   Tel +43 2177 2227



Hotels around Oggau

- RUST (4 driving minutes):

Hotel Katamaran +43 2685 24680

Hotel Sifkovits +43 2685 20460

Hotel am Greiner +43 2685 6418

Seehotel Rust +43 2685 3810

Hotel am See Rust +43 2685 20495



Hotel in HEGYKÖ

Hotel Tornacos +36 99 540 200



Booking platform of the Neusiedler See Tourismus:



We wish you a safe arrival and a good night’s sleep before your start!


Tipp: When you book a room for the short night before the start, don't forget your need for sleep after the Tour. You will be extremely tired. Please do not drive a car in this state. Treat yourself to another overnight stay instead!



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ENTSPANNT VOR und NACH der Tour in der St. Martins Therme & Lodge in Frauenkirchen. Ab 2 Übernachtungen bei einem Aufenthalt zwischen 24.-29. Jänner 2019 bekommt ihr mit Eurem 24h Ticket 2019 - 10% Sonderermäßigung auf die Tagesbestrate. Folgt der Spur!



24. - 26. January 2019 in a double room with breakfast

This year, for the first time, 24H EXTREME TOUR will start from Hungary! Start the tour relaxed from the hotel! Book your room directly with us and get FREE:

- Buffet dinner on the day of arrival

- Take-off package at the hotel

- "TOUR TEASER" on the evening under starry sky with campfire and chestnuts

- Free use of our wellness facilities: adventure pool, Finnish infra sauna, steam room, salt room with water beds, tea lounge ...




Das Seehotel Rust ist der perfekte Ort für die Vorbereitung auf die Burgenland Extrem Tour 2019. Nach der Tour können Sie sich als Hotelgast bis 22:00 Uhr in unserer Wellness-Oase mit Sauna und Infrarotkabine erholen oder sie am nächsten Tag zur Regeneration nützen.

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